CPM in Construction Management 8th Edition
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CPM in Construction Management
8th and 9th Edition

James J. O'Brien
Fredric L. Plotnick

Preface to 8th Edition

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Free copy of Deltek Open Plan
   a $2000 value to purchasers of this 8th edition
   see Appendix for details
View graphics from text
   including illustrations and screenshots
   in color and as scalable PDFs
John Doe Project Files
   readable by a variety of software including
   Deltek Open Plan, Primavera P6, P3, Suretrak,
   Microsoft Project, Excel, and others
Additional and Legacy Files
   for instruction and legacy use
8th Edition Guide Specification
7th Edition Guide Specification
Code for Orphan Open End Diagnostic p483
Guided Tour and User Guide to Deltek Open Plan
6th Edition Primavera P3 How To Tutorial
User Guides / Reference Manuals - Primavera P3
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This eighth edition of CPM in Construction Management will help you
advance your construction projects with CPM and this fully updated guide:

Plan, schedule, and manage construction projects using the critical path method (CPM) and the practical information contained in this thoroughly revised book. Written by two experienced engineers and authors, CPM in Construction Management, Eighth Edition, explains the evolution of CPM and fully covers the latest techniques, standards, and tools. The “John Doe” case study is used throughout to illustrate important functions, including updating, cost control, resource planning, and delay evaluation. New guidelines are provided for Oracle, Deltek, Microsoft, and other software.

This updated, hands-on guide shows how CPM

  • Works—and how to make it work for you

  • Serves as the analytical tool of choice for evaluation, negotiation, resolution,
    and/or litigation of construction claims

  • Cuts costs in a one-person operation or the most complex multinational enterprise

  • Helps you stay on top of every aspect of complicated projects

  • Saves big money in delay avoidance, accurate cost predictions, and claims reductions

CPM in Construction Management
9th Edition - Addendum to 8th Edition


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