CIVE 573 Construction Project Administration

1 05APR07 Introduction to Course Objectives -- Academic Considerations Ch 1, 2 & 3
Lecture: Construction Management & Project Start-Up Ch 12 nb p.311
Pre-Bid Conference: Introduction to the project drawings & specifications wpe3.jpg (7234 bytes)
Expedition: Introduction
HW: Review Drawings & Specifications
2 12APR07 Administrative Ch 4
Lecture: Proper Job Meeting Minutes MTGMIN.doc
Expedition: Meeting Minutes wpeD.jpg (34151 bytes)
Pre-Construction Meeting:  Welcome Hasty Construction
HW: Minutes & Agenda -- continuing assignment for each week
3 19APR07 Review of Minutes -- Agenda for Next Meeting Ch 6 & 7
Lecture: Interpretation of Drawings & Specifications -- Requests for Information "RFI's" RFI.doc
Expedition: The RFI/CIC Sequence ???
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Answer Issued RFI's
4 26APR07 Review RFI's Ch 17
Lecture: Submittals & Shop Drawings -- PAYREQ01.doc
Expedition: The Submittal/Approval Sequence wpeC.jpg (6864 bytes)
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Review Shop Drawing Submittal
5 03MAY07 Review Pay Requisition #1 Ch 15 & 16
Lecture: Progress & Final Payment SHOPDWG.doc
Expedition: The Pay Requisition Sequence wpe5.jpg (11653 bytes)
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Review Pay Requisition #1
6 10MAY07 Review Shop Drawing Submittal Ch 5, 19 & 20
Lecture: Change Orders COR01.doc
Expedition: The RFI/CIC to PCO/COR to CO/PRO Sequence wpe9.jpg (4811 bytes)
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Review COR#1
7 17MAY07 Review COR#1 Ch 11 &12
Lecture: Evaluations for Extensions of Time DELAY01.doc
P3 Project Planner: Reviewing an Impact Analysis wpe8.jpg (9350 bytes)
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Review Contractor's Impact Analysis
8 24MAY07 Review Contractor's Impact Analysis Ch 8 & 9
Lecture: OSHA and Other Safety Issues ACCIDENT.doc
Expedition: Issues & Claim Resolution wpeA.jpg (8470 bytes)
Monthly Progress Meeting
HW: Respond to Accident.doc Incident Report
9 31MAY07 Review HW and other Questions Ch 10 & 11
Lecture: Resolving Disputes wpe5.jpg (2128 bytes)
Expedition Laboratory Session
HW: Critique of Course
10 07JUN07 Review All Meeting Minutes, Logs, Analyses and Correspondence wpe7.jpg (12845 bytes)
Student Roundtable - Review Student Employment Questions
Critique of Course
NOTE: All Meeting Minutes, Logs, Analyses and Correspondence due at 6:00 P.M
11 14JUN07 Senior Option - No Final

wpe6.jpg (4484 bytes)

Text: Construction Project Administration, Edward R. Fisk and Wayne D. Reynolds, 8th Ed. Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-049046-6

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