Graduate Hospital New Building
- from stalled to complete by new target deadline -

The call came on December 24 - Christmas Eve Day.
"We need your help on a project running late."
  "When is it due?"
    "December 31st."
      "Forget it."
        "No we are telling the owner we can have it done by March 1st and they want an independent analysis to support that date."

Over the next week we built a brand new "recovery schedule" with strictures of "no overtime" and extremely limited key resources.
  The answer was "March 1st is not possible - but April 1st is achievable if everyone will work towards that common goal."

Next came selling this to the full team. A number of subcontractors had walked off the project due to spotty work caused by each working their own agenda. A master schedule was prepared providing "uninterrupted work and a minimum of three days of additional backlog if exceeding our production expectations." Each was given a bar-chart of "their" plan which often required jumping from floor to floor to best coordinate with the other subcontract work to be done, and so that the other subcontractor would make areas ready for them in the coming weeks. The subcontractors bought the "program" and returned to the site.

We walked the site weekly, adjusting the subcontractor weekly bar-charts as required for actual progress, additional coordination between subcontractors, unscheduled change orders and extra work orders as desired by the owner and its lead doctors. Substantial completion was achieved by April 1st - and the first medical procedure was performed April 9th. The hospital was happy and the reputation of the prime contractor restored.