In-House Custom Training and Presentations

Dr. Plotnick has presented dozens of in-house training programs to constructors, engineers and owner organizations. A basic template may start with the forty hour class plan used at Drexel, Temple and University of Pennsylvania, but then is customized to the specific audience. A class presented to a contractor who specializes in cooperative design build work for private owners will stress different material and skills required than for a contractor winning the low bid on public work with less flexibility in a best outcome for all parties. One of our most popular requests is for a custom Mock Trial incorporating key personnel of the client (contractor, engineer or owner) around a medley of past client projects. Always will be stressing the knowledge and skills needed to resolve the issues from both a technical and legal viewpoint. Where applicable, local attorneys (who have worked with the client) are brought in as well as a retired or sitting judge. This is a real production, and all presentations by Dr. Plotnick may be used for continuing education requirements.