SH45 – A Scheduling Success Story

The SH45 Project is featured as a success story, not solely because of the $4,000,000 bonus earned, but also as a testament of how the scheduling effort may assist building a successful team effort.

Initially the contractor, Austin Bridge & Road, was doubtful of the bonus offer, deeming the attempt may cost more than the reward and yet fall short. Initially the owner, TXDOT, was also doubtful of the contractor’s ability to meet the challenge. And the owner’s scheduling consultant was preparing for the all-too-often situation of confrontation.

The scheduling effort was therefore a combination of:

  • a careful building of a logic network, constructability analysis, verifiable set of durations, all leading to a workable and achievable CPM schedule, and

  • care to team building between AB&R and TXDOT to the common goal of early completion and earning of the bonus.

By aligning the goals of owner and contractor, bringing forth the salient point that the owner needed for the contractor to earn the bonus so that the legislature may grant the right to offer bonuses to other contractors, the initial mindset of concern of confrontation was changed to one of collaboration. Both TXDOT and its consultant now understood the need to push the contractor to earn the bonus. And so they did, and so the bonus was earned.